Beyond Bowel Cancer

Irrigation my new regime

Before Christmas I started irrigating my colon over an extended period (every 36 hours) and out of choice irrigating in the early hours this has had 2 major benefits, I can get up and enjoy each day without resenting the hour it takes to irrigate and secondly the time is spent where I would be typically awake anyway.

When I talk about resenting the time, taken for irrigation it is however a price paid for an enhanced quality of life, I am lucky as I understand that not everyone is able to irrigate.

2 years on I am well practiced at my routine, I see my hour as a bit of me time, I listen to the radio, and am able to combine irrigation with normal tasks such as shaving, brushing teeth, showering and social media (though not in the shower!)

My wife was asked a few weeks ago, “how is he now with his problem?” Amusingly neither I nor Sue had thought of my cancer free, new yet different way of life as being a problem.

I was not in the room at the time so it was less of a “does he take sugar moment”, but nevertheless give you a deeper understanding of self. Luckily I have always tried to adopt a can do attitude to every situation I find myself in, and at 47, I have certainly lived through some interesting situations many of which have contributed to the skill set that enables me to see, realise and appreciate the really important things in life.

In the same way that Cancer can enter into your life and appear to take things away, (my arse for one), at the same time it is important to recognise the opportunities it brings, for me it has been one of deeper understanding and an enhanced perspective on enjoying life and the riches that can be found in simple things and the most unlikely places. — at Oaks Barn Farm