15 Days

In just 15 Days I get to marry my best friend, and finally get to say My Wife can’t wait to make you the happiest girl in my world x

Oaks Barn Farm New additions for the coming season.

Let us start with apologies for not updating you sooner, but lambing on the farm has a habit of taking over everything on until it’s done.   Lambing We have had an exceptional year with a high number of triplets, which unfortunately means feeding those lambs taken off their mother because they can only feed … More Oaks Barn Farm New additions for the coming season.

6 Months On

Well today I met with my consultant, this time under happier circumstances the last time I was in this room, I was sore, having stitches removed and was still unsure of the future. Today I am cancer free and talking of the future, once again I have written a letter to my Consultant, this time … More 6 Months On

Visit Broom Tavern

If you’re looking for a nice British pub, with good food and beer, then look no further. I spent the afternoon with the family here, having Sunday lunch and enjoying the British summer. via #BEDIA: The Broom Tavern, Broom, Warwickshire (Day 21) — An Intrepid Insight Within Easy Reach of Oaks Barn Farm, Experience the Beauty … More Visit Broom Tavern

A Visitors View

We had a nice weekend break away from the pains and stresses of buying a house, in the lovely city of Worcester. Even though there was quite a bit of rain while we were there, which seems to be the running theme to our adventures of 2016, we still enjoyed ourselves and here’s five reasons […] … More A Visitors View

Not Our Farm but we have something in common

https://videopress.com/embed/jwMxOIFY?hd=0&autoPlay=0&permalink=0&loop=0 When we bought the farm we were anticipating retirement. We had an initial five year business plan. A plan which did not include a live in farm manager; we were firm in our commitment to protect our privacy. A plan which did not include a new construction project; we were firm in our commitment … More Not Our Farm but we have something in common

Lambing 2017

Just as the soil is starting to warm and the snowdrops rise their heads from the cold of winter, the signs that summer lies just around the corner are everywhere to see. Spring is my favourite time of year on the farm, getting the lambing shed ready for the imminent arrival of this years lambs is … More Lambing 2017