Why you should always say yes to travel

So it’s Sunday morning and we are poolside in 28 degree sunshine, on Friday evening we checked in our weekend farm stay guests in at 7:30, before heading off to Steve Jordan’s cow shed where we were running the Bar for Inkberrow Young Farmers Foam Party. For those that have never experienced a foam party they had 3 foam cannons blasting Foam onto a quickly disappearing dance floor.

Travel always takes a little more planning following bowel cancer 2 years ago, but it is always worth the effort, our connecting flight was leaving at 7am so back home at 2am, gave me just an hour to irrigate prior to setting off for Birmingham Airport, final pack and last of my kit ready to go we set off for the airport at 3am. Brilliant journey to the airport with the moon giving way graciously to the morning sun.
After dropping the car, the check in desk was open so we dropped our bags off and headed for passport control. Once through the metal detector I was summoned to have a full body scan the 22 year old than patted me down in the area of my tummy which interested him most, I promptly explained that I had a Stoma following bowel Cancer, this seemed to excite him even more, so he called for a his manager discretely shouting “Get Gary I Need a Room”, I can only assume he meant room for a private viewing, but sadly his enthusiasm for a drug bust had overtaken his training, fortunately Sue is used to this now and collected my hand luggage watch iPhone and iPad and patiently waited.
The room selected for me was small in size, tastefully pained in white and had a small table and a glove dispenser, and fortunately no windows, Gary showed me into the room where my 22 year old shapperone explained why he had selected me, I again explained that I had had bowel cancer back in 2016 and was now fully recovered and cancer free, I untucked my shirt exposing my Stoma patch which thankfully satisfied the line of enquiry. I never see this as an inconvenience as passenger safety and stopping drug trafficking is paramount to all our security.
Arriving in Malaga, our lunch comprised a shared fish medley on the beach with a bottle of selected white wine. Early evening we returned to our hotel waking at 8:30 local time for our evening meal, finding ourselves in the middle of a Spanish festival of music, fireworks and moonlight.
Life is too short not to take part…..


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