An NHS to be proud of

While good news stories rarely make the headlines, Oaks Barn Farm’s Wayne Smith as a follow on from his recent article in the Farmers Guardian, Wayne was video interviewed on Wednesday by Susan Kirkpatrick Senior Researcher from The University of Oxford as part of the Inquire Research Project.
INQUIRE (Improving NHS quality using internet ratings and experiences) project team which aims to explore how the NHS uses online feedback from patients and the public, and how this can be better used to improve the quality of services. 

Susan’s role is to interview people who have used the internet to express their views about healthcare, as well as those who have read other people’s comments.  

Further information on Susan’s work can be found here:

The 1hr Video interview covers the journey of Wayne undergoing Bowel cancer surgery from the point of diagnosis through the NHS through to his sucessful return back to their Working Farm Stay Experience in the Heart of Shakespeare’s England.

The content will be used to inform the way in which social media can be used by the NHS to engage with its patients experience to improve the health of the Nation.

While the press are often keen to highlight lack of bed spaces and failures of provision, Wayne emphasised how his own journey through to returning back to work on their family farm, had been a completely positive experience through his care delivered by the cholarectal Team at Worcester Royal NHS Trust.

On the 8th of April Wayne will be speaking at the Midland Bowel Cancer Patient Day forming part of its National Campaign.


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