If you love what you do you will never have to work again….

Sitting in bed looking out onto our frosted open fields with the sheep lay down waiting for the sun to warm the pasture, paints a picture of an ideal rural landscape, and indeed it is, but the work behind any sucessful business can often go unnoticed, for many Christmas Day is a time to relax and spend time with loved ones, but on the farm the livestock still need feeding, bedding and the ice on their water troughs breaking.

They say that farming chooses you, for me I fell in love with a farmers daughter, and the sheep came as part of the deal, later also rearing pigs and chickens all became part of the plan.

But sharing this dream with others would be what brought the bacon home, as we diversified into providing Quality Farm Stay accommodation on our farm. Market prices for lamb and pork will never see you rich, nor will the life we have chosen, but the riches it brings in lifestyle, clean fresh air, dark night skies and sharing this place on earth with kestrels, buzzards, fallow deer, partridge and golden sun sets are reward enough for any man.

Earlier this year I got Bowel cancer, at the time it seemed like the worst news ever, but this year has seen the loss of many stars and suviving cancer is by far the preferred option to death.  For me, I was lucky not having to have radio therapy and chemotherapy led to a speedy recovery, and although I no longer have a functioning bottom but a new arse in my tummy, I have been able to resume a near to normal way of life on the farm with some adjustments to routine and through the love and support of both friends and family.

Going forward wedding plans are well under way, the dress and suits are ordered, the marquee is booked and bar and catering have been sorted.  Often difficult times bring with them a clearer vision for the future and 2016 events for both of us, resulted in focusing on how we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together being married and living on our farm.

So if you love what you do, you will truly never have to work again.

To book a stay in our Rural Slice of England, please visit our website http://bit.ly/oakshome


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