Can’t  Get The Kids Off Their IPhone On Holiday 

Can’t get the kids off their iPhone/iPad/Tablet whilst on holiday? Well let’s think differently around this problem, we remember the joys of our own childhood being out in the open countryside with long sunny days, being care free and the fun of just walking in open fields, climbing a tree or paddling by a stream, some of us will have climbed mountains experiencing the adrenalin rush of being self reliant, and perhaps not in any way dependant on technology to get us out of a situation.  

The truth is while we were away with our dreams of yesteryear, our world has changed and so to has the way we experience it, for our children the technology has provided them with an online scrapbook, photo album, a way of instantly finding out what is happening back home, Google with the aid of Siri who can provide an answer to any question, providing he has understood your request correctly and yes of course gaming and entertainment opportunities are endless.

So if we have all this opportunity at our fingertips, why would we trade this off for a walk in the park without snapchat, and Instagram beckoning for an upload on your latest content?

Here at Oaks Barn Farm we share our home and life on the farm with guests in two self catering properties, we firmly believe if the children are happy, in turn so too will be the parents, using this concept we look for opportunities around the farm to engage and educate through new experiences, children can take part in the morning feeds riding in the 4×4 gator to take hay to the sheep, they can help to muck out the piglets collect eggs and learn about edible plants in our hedgerow, but our difference is this, we encourage both children and parents to capture the moment on their iPhone and upload it, seeing how many likes they can get for bottle feeding a lamb or taking a slow mo video of feeding time with the pigs.

In turn this is great for our business, as each new check in provides us with more opportunities to communicate how we do things differently here at Oaks Barn Farm.  So yes of course we provide free wifi to all of the rooms garden areas and play park, but sadly not yet the pig pen as they have 4G, but we do have a lamb cam in the barn for checking on our ewes.

Prior to arrival guests can take a look around our farm on Pinterest, plan where to visit during their stay from our places to visit board and get a lowdown on what’s new through our facebook and twitter account, the farm also has its own daily paper which is linked to our twitter account sharing content of local attractions

So if we accept this change for the better and look at the world through this new vision we too can enjoy sharing the moment of rural life captured on the iPhone!

To take a look round our farm or visit any of our social media sites please click on the following link:

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