Disconnect your internet for a day

Our latest project on the farm is to reinstate the drive fence, working with Paul Bird a local contractor has been full on fun, but finding and disconnecting our internet, home line and business line all in one simple manoeuvre was not in the plan so lost a little time today in re routing the telephone line and pairing up the 10 wires to reconnect us to the outside world, fortunately Paul saw the ducting and stopped the auger from recoiling our underground line.

The fencing has had to be stock proof, wind proof and pleasing to the eye, the project has been helped through our friends at Phillips Steel Construction and Riverside Shepherd Huts, and timber from Phill Browns Fencing of Bromsgrove, linked with Paul’s keen eye for detail and pride in his work the fencing is really taking shape.

Working with local contractors lies at the root of Oaks Barn Farm’s values, supporting the local economy which in turn makes this a great place to live and visit.

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