Does my arse look big in this?

Having an arse on your tummy brings a whole new experience to traveling, surviving Bowel cancer is a journey in itself, but this is only the beginning, airport security has always in the past provided me with some degree of reassurance that my safety and well being is being looked after, however traveling now with an extra bag does after my operation, attract more attention than required.

So the return journey was just as entertaining as the flight out (see previous post), after failing the body scanner for the second time, I declared that I had a medical condition, this time my shoes were checked for drugs, I was then patted down and asked for me to show my stoma patch in the middle of the airport, all of the information I have been given says that you should not have to show your patch, but I’m young and still good looking enough to not let this phase me.  

About the farm I wear a belt which gives some protection against developing a hernia, I wore one on the return journey to help with the lifting of cases, but also knew that it would allow customs the opportunity to believe that they had just got lucky with a major drugs bust. Happily I was able to disappoint on this occasion and left customs for the duty free.


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