Another day on the farm

October half term draws to an end and our farm guests return their keys, heading off on their onward journeys, it was lovely to hear that  Warwick Castle had provided such great entertainment and that guests had stayed on to 7pm and left with still more to see, having stayed on to witness the public hanging.  Also great to hear how good their Shakespear experience had been.

Having been full for the week, 6 beds to strip and re make becomes somewhat of a military operation, fortunately the drying room comes into its own on the farm, its primary purpose is to dry laundry using flow through heat from our biomass boiler.  In the winter months we started off drying guest washing on a Victorian drying rack above the log burner, but with 2 properties to service plus the farm house, we needed something more efficient, all of our laundry is managed in house and a double changeover will generate 6 loads of washing, the 3 drying racks sit above a bank of 6 double radiators which can be hoisted aloft once full, we have also installed a fan on a humidistat this has a heat recovery system so expels moisture without heat loss from the drying room.  Separate shelving has been installed to store all of the sheets and bed linen to service the requirements of both the Granary and Coach House.

Spending time in the drying room allows your mind to wander to all of the other jobs that need doing around the farm, cutting wood for the winter ahead, livestock to sort ant get to market, a pleasant supprise today had been how good guests had been in recycling, we try to encourage guests to separate out plastics, tins and bottles so these can be recycled and compostable food waste is used within the kitchen garden.

The Pig pen has been mucked out cleaned and disinfected ready for our new arrival of piglets, this helps to minimise build ups of deseases and parasites which impact on the health of incoming stock.

Guest enquiries done deposit refunds sent and the last of the deliveries arriving, we ended the day with a visit to the nearby Three Horse Shoes for a rack of ribs for me and grilled sea bass for Sue, excellent food and service, we visit local pubs and restaurants to be sure that we are able to recommend with confidence the services to our guests, and this was a great opportunity to mull over our new logo and branding for the farm going forward.

So this weekend, a rarety, we have the farm back to ourselves so the chance to savour our own piece of rural tranquility, Jimmy has just barked as the foxes are present, the night sky on the farm masks a whole hidden world that comes alive when daylight fades.

Booking a Green Farm Stay With Us

Although Christmas is fully booked we do have availability for New Year and our 2017 calendar and prices can be found here:

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