Growing Social Media Organically

From our Farm Stay in Rural Warwickshire, deciding what pigs to rear to give the fullest of flavour to our sausages, through to when to flush the ewes through so they are at their optimum for putting to the Tup are all carefully considered plans to make the most of what resources we have at our disposal.  But his level of planning extents to all corners of our business.  On the 20th October 2016, Oaks Barn Farm will be attending The British Farming Awards, with guest speaker Sally Gunnel, we have been successfully shortlisted as Digital Innovators.
Not by chance but out of necessity, we needed a way to attract new customers, and build a relationship with existing customers and suppliers, with hard work and learning on the job, we looked to social media to grow our business organically.  As farmers paying for followers, or paying per click goes against the grain, so it would be through hard work, targeting who we wanted to follow us and like our pages that we would grow in each of our chosen social media channels.

Standing out from the crowd and getting noticed, is hard amongst a growing wave of traffic, but living on a farm with random events of animals getting stuck in fencing, problematic lambing, loading an unwilling pig into a livestock trailer, naturally provide you with an abundance of stories, funny strap lines and titles which should amuse even the most discerning of our followers.

We are active on Pinterest, using boards to showcase our accommodation, places to visit and to generally provide a pictorial  view of our farm stay and what it has to offer.

Instagram we use in much the same way, but know we still have work to do here. 

Our Facebook page generates much repeat business and allows guests to connect with the seasonal shift of life on the farm though the year:

By far my favourite and most successful media is twitter allowing us to directly connect, message and post world wide to thousands of people.

Use wordpress to tell your story, it provides nice clean themed background to your content and allows you to tag your content to make it come up in searches:

LinkedIn allows you to join relevant industry specific groups so targeting the right audience for your content is made easy. 

What story do you have to tell and how do you get it out there?

Thank you for reading please feel free to like and share, it’s a social thing……..


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