How Green are we doing?

With green fields all around us, it is easy to think that this would be green enough, but we want to do more, we are all here just for a short time and our vision for the farm is to put a little back during the time we are here.  On the 20th of October we are attending the British Farming Awards having been shortlisted under the category of Digital Innovator.

Here at Oaks Barn Farm Luxury Farm Stay we like our guests to be rest rest-assured that their stay with us on the farm will be one of Luxury which at the same time does not cost the earth.

Our Solar Install works every day of the year clocking on when the sun gets up and finishing at the close of day even producing on cloudy days our system generates one third of all overall power used on the farm, feeding into the farm and our guest accommodation, delivering any surplus energy back into the grid.

To date we have generated 24553 Kw with a saving on purchase of carbon heavy power for the same.

We offer Volunteering opportunities on site with one of our partners being Norton College,  to date they have helped within our growing spaces, wild flower planting, tree planting and the installation of bird and bat habitats.

All buildings on the site have been constructed utilising available recycled materials whoever practical and the farm house itself has been constructed from a former cow shed demonstrating Recycling from the core of our business.

Our Biomass Boiler has generated 124481 kw delivering heating and hot water to the Farm House Granary and Coach House this has been generated from 27 tones of renewable Wood Pellets sustainably sourced.


For More information on booking a farm stay with us, use the contact details above or visit us here:

Grass is mown and mulched back into all lawn areas on site keeping it both short and fed.

Laundry is managed in house with a purpose built drying room which processes all of our bedding for our Farm Stay.

All vegetable waste is either fed to our pigs or composted, we encourage guests to minimise their food waste on site.

Waste paper, bottles plastics and cans are all recycled on site, our ewes and lambs fertilise the pasture as they graze it and we manage our own septic waste on site, Surface water oustanding harvested on site which is used for livestock to drink and to water our growing spaces on the farm.

We are passionate about the land on which we live and work and want to leave our mark in a positive way by securing the future for many years to come in whatever way we can.

This green theme carries into the farm house during winter months where all cooking is done on our wood burning stove, providing both a heat source and hot plate for cooking most meals.

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