What Farmers Find In Their Field

On Wednesday morning, our twitter followers will have recalled us finding a horse in our field which we haven’t got, and today we found a pair of dogs which we do not have, this got me onto thinking of all of the things we have found to date.

IMG_3727.JPGWe have had Goats this Shetland pony pictured above twice so this must make Elvis a returning Guest, 2 pigs, A Dexter Cow found by the bedroom window, A Goose, a lost Swan stranded in the snow and a Norwegian motorist also stranded in the snow.

We have had a circling Air Ambulance, a neighbouring helicopter, a dog from Astwood Bank, 2 chickens  3 Ducks and sheep too many to count.

In addition it is not uncommon to find Young Farmers, not only in the fields but also in various parts of the farm house sometimes asleep and sometimes in varying levels of consciousness.

If like me you are a farmer, comment with your own list of strange things found in your fields.

If however you would like to book a farm stay rather than one of our fields you can do so through the link below http://bit.ly/OaksBarnFarm01


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