Still On The Fence About Social Media

Oaks Barn Farm


On the fence is a good place to start, at least you know where you’re at. For us at Oaks Barn Farm running a sucessful Farm Stay Business requires us to embrace many new skills, we’ve built buildings, played our hands at plumbing, electrics, built roads managed water courses, and are still learning every day about sheep which have an inbuilt desire to get stuck escape and die.

So this social media thing should be easy, we started off by getting some sites up and running and then followed this with attending some really excellent workshops delivered locally and for free.

3 key Sites

img_3012-1Our Twitter account today has 1712 followers we follow 1929 chosen accounts using a number of free tools to measure our reach including CrowdFire,SumAll and Tweetdeck.

We find Twitter a fantastic tool to reach a large audience, and encourage our guests to share photos of their…

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