How to qualify as a farmer

How to qualify as a farmer, from the outset the question seems that with a few processes some training and a lot of time a definitive goal and final destination may be in sight.

For me, I got into farming as a necessity, meeting someone I loved truly with all my heart, I realised very quickly that I would have to share her love as it was equally divided between me and the love for the farm that Sue had Managed to buy and develop from her Mother. Unlike Sue who was born a farmer, I was 35 when we met and working for Stoke on Trent college, delivering Prince’s Trust Team programmes with young people, to this point I had had many life experiences, I was a mountaineer, loved the outdoors, had been sailing several times with the Tall Ships Youth Trust, had an excellent team of staff in work achieving some truly amazing things amongst some ever supprisingly sets of adverse circumstances, though all of this said not one of these things would even have got me to the interview in becoming a farmer, so fortunately for me I didn’t have to have one.

We both had a dream and a vision for the future that we would turn our farm into a business which would support us both, and enable us to inspire others when visiting the farm to do what they can to live a more sustainable way of life.

We have a healthy flock of ewes which throw some excellent  lambs each year, we both enjoy lambing as it signifies new life on the farm and the beginning of summer, there is only one way to learn this job and it is very much a hands on or in this case up way of learning.


There are always jobs to do around the farm, working with the seasons give us the opportunity to prioritise the jobs in some order with the occasional unplanned event being added to keep us on our toes.

We keep a couple of pigs on the farm which help to keep our guests in sausages through the year, in fact they are so popular that many guests not only buy them during their stay but also take some home, to enjoy after they have left us.

Our passion for growing our own produce on the farm has this year been enhanced with the addition of our Greenhouse, which is a stunning addition to the look and feel of the farm.

This last year has also seen Sues Son Dan, start his own contracting business, pumping slurry via both umbilical delivery and through his tanker services, there is nothing more satisfying than knowing that their is a next generation of farming set to continue working on the land.

On the 20th October this year we will be attending The British Farming Awards, having been sucessfully shortlisted under the category of Digital Innovator for the hard work undertaken to grow our farm business organically through the use of Social Media, Winning would be the icing on the cake but living and working this beautiful land is all the reward we need.

If you feel inspired enough to booking a family farm stay with us to experience all that Worcestershire and the surrounding countryside has to offer then please follow the link below:

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