Its the Little Things That Count

Some four years past we stole an idea from our nearby Coughton Court, home of the gunpowder plot, now owned by the National Trust this house benefits from stunning formal gardens and its own kitchen garden and orchard.

Mowing our own orchard we discovered Coughton Court were leaving the space between the trees to go fallow, taking this one stage further we have introduced wild flower beds, which are now bringing bees into the orchard and subsequently the pollination of the trees is having greater success.


This has been an eventful week, starting with an excellent meeting with our accountant and some sound ideas for developing our farm stay further, we then managed to get all of the changeovers for both properties done followed by the meet and greet for both sets of guests, we then headed off for a night away in Bristol and returned the following day via Gloucester, staying away from the farm gives us much needed time out and the opportunity to be inspired by others.

Returning to the farm our guests departed the following morning and again another changeover for both properties with incoming guests on both Friday and Saturday.

In all places however, even the hardest of landscapes provide a haven for nature to carve its own existence no matter how small, but do consider what you can do to give it a helping hand.

For more information on our farm stay options visit us here:




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