So who will feed the pigs?

On Friday 1st July My consultant meeting confirmed that my battle with cancer has begun, my first experience of using NHS services makes me feel proud of what a dedicated team of people can achieve.

On the 12th of July I will be admitted to the Royal Worcester Hospital for Surgery the following day, my tests and results have concluded that cancer is present and in the lower bowel but in order to prevent it from coming back I have to undergo a bit of re routing of my plumbing system, which will bring my colon up and out of my stomach just above my waist. In order to remove the cancer I also have to lose my hole in my bottom which has done a good job over the past 46 years, and up until recently was as good as the day I got it.

In the short term I will have to have a colostomy bag for 6 weeks post op until my new arse on by tummy is able to do its job, I will in time then be able to irrigate my new set up, allowing me to go up to 48hours between going for a number 2 which will place me amongst a unique set of people.

Six weeks after my surgery I also have to undergo a little Chemotherapy, to ensure that all of the Cancer has gone, this should not result in hair loss and my good looks should remain unchanged, I may even lose a bit of weight in the process

This weekend, we met up with Friends at the Hanbury Show, which was great for the soul, the overwhelming support from people close to us is both humbling and a source of strength for both Sue and I at this difficult time, life still goes on at the farm and I’m sure with the infrastructure in place and the support of this around us 2016 will be both a challenge and a sudden realisation of the solid friendship we have around us.
Post op I have some challenges ahead of me learning all over again a different method of going to the loo, my consultant has however reassured me that I can resume an normal life once the procedure has had time to bed in.

Sue and I would like to thank everyone for their kind words support and maintained sense of humour, at this difficult time, this will get us through the other side.

It’s a little surreal when you get news like this, you would expect that it would pose big questions, which inevitably it has, but supprisingly little things suddenly become important, Our supposedly pregnant sow, has missed 2 of the Windows where she should hav delivered, I feed her every morning and as I turn the corner, my mind wanders to whether today will be the day, as I round the corner she looks up with her permanent smile wanders over to her feed trough and confirms it is not.  Yesterday we fly struck the sheep knowing that this may at least reduce some of the work for Sue and Dan while I am in hospital, sitting down for any period of time will be difficult as will lying down and walking will also be uncomfortable at best in the short term.  I have always appreciated my life with Sue on the farm, but with the exception of a tall ship voyage booked before we started our lives together and work travel, we go to sleep together and wake up together,  so a week without doing this adds to the difficulty ahead.

On a positive side there is so much to look forward to during my recovery, we have an entry in The British Farming Awards, the cherry tree is full, the orchard has also delivered and the garden is looking its best ever and I will be in hospital for Sue’s birthday so will have to celebrate this at some point, Sue has also done a great job in the greenhouse and outside there are beans to pick and we have a wedding to attend and one of our own to plan, though this has always been on the cards, my cancer has has made us realise that life is too short to put off the things you want.

So if you have reached it to the end of this post, what you should do today rather than tomorrow?

Please like share and buy something this week from a farm shop or direct from your local farm, it’s a small thing that makes a big difference.



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