Birmingham A Cosmopolitan Feel

For many of our guests, booking a farm stay with us affords them the opportunity to relax and slow down the pace of life amidst our stunning rural, backdrop but just on our doorstep 30mins by car a complete contrast is the heart of Birmingham, stepped in history, with beautiful architecture from past through to present day our 2nd Capital offers its visitors a unique feel and positive experience.  FarmStayOptions

Visit Brindley Place off broad street and you will see how the Canal network runs its arterial route through the heart of the City blending its past with its beating social centre for dining or simply taking a table and soaking up the atmosphere.

A short walk away at St Phillips Square is The Old Stock Joint which is a must see both inside and out provides a pub, theatre and element of spender to your experience.

So visit this hear of the country, enjoy and share your experience.

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