Your smile is your Logo

It’s the little things that you do that often make the big difference, we don’t have a five figure marketing budget, if we are lucky we can keep it to just three, but what we are able to do at Oaks Barn Farm is leave people with a lasting memory of warm sunny days, an abundance of wildlife and close encounters of our managed livestock.  Ten years on from starting our Farm Stay Experience 22% of our customer base is from returning guests, we had not conciously  planned for this but reflectively the way we work has directly shaped our future.

From the moment guests arrive, we want them to feel at home, secondly we want them to feel the space and enjoy the open landscape, for those that want interaction the possibilities are endless, our sheep pigs and chickens take care of that, for families with children we believe if the children are happy then also the adults in the party will be.  So anything from walking the farm dog to feeding the sheep and bottle feeding lambs is fair game to this end.

We all only walk upon this land for a short time, so as custodians of our farm we want others to share this Farm Experience from sunrise to sunset.

Find out more about booking a family farm stay with us


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