The True Cost of Anti Social Media

On a recent trip to Cape Verde, as with all holidays I just love to people watch, but this time more than any other vacation, I couldn’t help but notice what people are missing out on.  Cape Verde is a lovely location set of the African Coast today it finds itself a destination of choice for winter sun following the recent terrorist attacks on Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey, though despite this sudden spike in interest it’s free wifi is only available in the lobby, which sum what concentrates the addicts of social media almost kettling them into a zone before their final fate.

I to, love social media but you would have to be in denial to not see the impact this is having on families, conversations and our society as a whole.  Children are unable to eat without first having the latest download prepared on a carefully positioned iPad, while parents busy face timing try to multi task the inconvenience of their child pleasing with them to come into the pool which they had promised to do over an hour ago.

We now find it possible to, check the weather back home for today tomorrow and the week ahead, we once had to rely on day old news papers for this and other snippets of information, so the Internet with all of its trappings is a wholly good thing, and it to provides, if managed correctly a whole Welty of conversation opportunities to both enhance and stimulate new conversation, but beware we run the risk of traveling without conversation, denying ourselves chance encounters, feeling the wind on our faces and having the sea run through our toes.

So log off, look up and make time for your holiday, after all you’ve paid for it.


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