Apple announce new CHILD App

Apple announce new CHILD App


Following a four year research project, Apple have started to roll out CHILD Children’s Helper Independant Learning Device. Child allows parents to engage with their child through a range of convenient devices, the key functions include Phrase which allows parents to reward their child with coins which can be exchanged for high street vouchers. Mute which allows parents to get a little time to themselves. Chat allows parents to chose from a selected menu of instructions/commands which can be delivered with emotional icons for extra emphasis.
One of the most controversial function is the chastise feature, this allows parents to control the battery life of a third party device, ultimately causing it to shut down completely with just a few screen swipes from the controlling device.
US trials have resulted in many new additions which are now allowing wider interaction between parent and child, Apple have however issued warnings to parents installing the App that is not intended to replace human interface altogether but when combined with some Parent Child interaction the results can positively enhance relationships.
By far the most popular function in the US has been the FMC option, much like find my iPhone Find My Child has proven to be an invaluable way to locate a missing child, it even functions when the device is switched off by guiding parents to the last known destination then triggering the Bluetooth remotely for precision location. This has been used in major them parks and shopping malls with an 85% success rate.
UK trials are set to roll out from June 2016 ahead of the summer holidays, Facebook are looking at ways in which to add some of the functionality to their social media platform in addition to the current like button a the disapproval button will become commonplace on our devices.
Google in the meantime have been piloting modifications to the Google Places App, this allows parents to be instantly alerted when their child strays into a restricted area, the areas can be pre determined and modified remotely from the parents controlling device, this has proven particularly popular with parents wanting to keep their child away from known drug dealers, Google have not yet released a roll out date due to a number of human rights issues raised.

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