Outsource your social media?

Outsource Your Social Media? A Thought From The Other Side.

Celebrating 10 years together and 8 years of running our luxury farm stay business, it is sometimes hard to imagine what our journey has taught us and we certainly wouldn’t hope to communicate this in one post, for today however one tweet particularly caught my eye, “outsource your social media, save both time and money”, farmers are often branded as having deep inaccessible pockets, but for Sue and I it is more about having that personal touch with all of our guests and future customers, the moment you take your eye off the ball and devolve your branding and identity to a third party, can be the demise of your hard earned branding and personal touch.

I write only from the perspective of our own small business, however my background of working for Stoke on Trent College delivering a whole host of young people’s programmes, left me with the conclusion that your whole team needs to fully believe in the vision of what the company want to achieve, then and only then can they sell this vision to others, hopefully sub consciously they won’t even need to try.We started using social media through Twitter facebook and YouTube some seven years ago, steadily we have grown likes, followers subscribers etc. However all the time see the importance of learning about and from others, no one likes to hear you banging your own drum, but you should at least know the unique sound it makes, and what sets it apart from the rest.

So before handing over the reigns and parting, with your hard earned money, ask yourself who better than your team with a little bit of time and training is better to communicate your business than you?

Please comment and let us know your story…..


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