Watch out for that Spring


Well the sun is shining on the farm this morning and with the light and additional warmth, there is a whole new feel around the farm, we still have some of last years lambs on the farm, the lucky ones that didn’t make the weight, already they have started to run up and down the muck pile as if they were three weeks old again the pheasants are in abundance, they get a little bit of safe haven here from the Ragley Hall Shoot, which pushes them beyond the confines of the Estate.

I read a blog this morning about the importance of taking time out for yourself each day, this gives you time to focus on the day ahead, your dreams and purpose.  Working on our farm and Family Farm Stay I am fortunate to do this each day whilst feeding our livestock, it is important not to take for granted that the sun gets up each day and bestowes its light on you, so…. get out there take some time and soak up the sunshine while it warms your sole.

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