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By no means would I describe myself as a Social Media Expert, but in the same way as learning to become a farmer at the age of 35 some 10 years ago I find myself still learning every day.

Trying to remember all of your social links can and often does result in you missing one or more of the most important ones out, this site however allows you to showcase all of your social sites, contact detail, email, and a personal bio all in one place:

There is also a spotlight feature which you can tailor to route your visitors to a particular site, as we run a Luxury Farm Stay ours is naturally Stay at My Place.

Once you have set up your site, you can download the Intro app for quickly exchanging your page from your phone and you can also get your page featured to widen your audience, we have not paid any enhanced premium all of what I’ve discussed is available in the free subscription.

Please comment or drop us a line to say if you found this link useful, we hope you enjoy using and developing your page as much as we do.


To find Our Farm Page above click on this link generated by another great site (curtesy of Thanks for reading.


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