Is it a Working Farm?


Well with the amount of things we have to fix around the farm, it should be, but yes we have a growing flock of sheep with lambing due to start during the third week of March, and currently a sow in pig with her litter being due in March/April.


I love this time of year on the farm where everything appears dormant, yet look closer and everywhere is brimming with life just poised ready for the first breath of spring.

Though too wet to get on the land, there is still much to do for the year ahead, we have our Greenhouse to erect which will be the next phase of our Come Grow With Us programme on the farm, this project has the simple aim of giving people a better understanding of where their food comes from.


Guest bookings for the coming year are also starting to flood in wanting to book up their alive of this Rural Ideal which we are fortunate to call home.

Pheasants and Partridge are everywhere round the farm with the vibrant colours in contrast with the frost dusted land.

In the time its taken to write this blog the ground has warmed sufficiently for me to much a couple more fence posts in with the hopefully defrosted JCB.

But it could be worse we have just taken a July booking for a family from Scotland, now they get real winters….


To find out more about our Family Farm Stay Options please click the link below:

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