Feeling Thankful

Sunday December 13th on the Farm, a wet day started off like all of the others with the animal feeds and mucking out, with not much goodness left in the grass our sheep and residual lambs are now being supplemented with hay and feed.  Our pig is now with the boar borrowed from our neighbouring farmer.

We have a new Cockerel on the farm which we have yet to name and are on the lookout for some more hens to bring our egg production back up ready for our 2016 guests.

Winter is that time of year where the fire once again becomes the heart of the home, Sue had been busy all day in the kitchen baking a selection of treats for the week ahead.

Visitors on the farm today from Studley,  who are looking to engage our builder for their intended extension resulted in a text back from Andrew Hawthorn saying that they have now decided to go ahead.

Whilst writing this blog Sue has just presented me with a slice of Quiche which really does make me realise why at this time of year we should all reflect on what we have to be thankful for.


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