First Date Does not go to plan!

This Sunday saw the arrival of a Saddleback Boar, for our Sow which we selected from 3 girls we raised on the farm, she is the lucky one as we have not converted her into sausage and pork joints but saw the potential for her to raise some good piglets from.

P1010055.JPGBut Straw our Sow had other plans, for a while now she has had full run of a pen purpose built for rearing pigs, sharing has not been within her radar, after reading up on how best to introduce the boar to the sow ) which is the right way round to do it) the advice was to introduce early morning so we had the rest of the day to resolve any issues, We changed the bedding in the pen for fresh straw and the Boar then promptly arrived.


Then a fight broke out, started by our sow and finished by the boar, our sow having come off the worst, we sprayed what we could of her wounds, and although superficial were significant to need overseeing.

We paid several visits during the day to ensure that the fighting had not been taken too far, fortunately it appeared that a pecking order had been established, and the boar had taken up main residence at the back of the pen, with our sow lay with her back to him and her nose out of the entrance to the stye.

Not knowing what we would find the following morning we had an early start, anticipating the best but still in the back of our minds fearing what we might find.  This time the Boar was lay outside of the pen with the sow back in what she considers to be her rightful place.

We now have some six weeks of monitoring progress to a hopefully successful conclusion of getting our Sow in pig by April, but it does make us realise that looking after guests on our Luxury Farm Stay is far from predictable.


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