Grow your Social Media Sites with Pinterest

Updated Social Media Opportunities

Oaks Barn Farm

Firstly we are Farmers, not social Media experts, so please accept our apologies if this is teaching you to suck eggs (do people really do this? I certainly wouldn’t do this without washing them thoroughly first).

We found this great way of growing your likes follows and subscribers using Pinterest so thought we would share it.

Further to writing this post we have also added our aboutme business card, which is a great way to share all of your social accounts.

We used an IPad for this but a a conventional laptop will do the same, assuming you already have a Pinterest account and have downloaded the app.

Step 1 create your board using the + sign and give it a Title, we called ours “Our Social Sites”

Step 2 using google images search for each of your social network logos ie facebook hold your finger on the image…

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