Another Day On The Farm

With winter just around the corner, the day starts like any other with the feeding of livestock, however today is different, with the recent events of the Paris attacks over the weekend, you can’t help but feeling lucky and blessed to be waking up. For many this is no longer possible, not through any choice of their own.

As I feed the pigs and ewes, the sun breaks through the cloud and the grass glistens with morning dew, our Sow is in season and is ready to be put to the boar, all of our Ewes are pregnant and March will once again bring new life to the farm.

On the 28th of August we were due to be flying to Egypt, an option no longer available to us due to the Russian plane crash in Sharmel Shake, our freedom and choices are being put at risk by the mindless acts of terror targeting the innocent. 

Each country and its government will be forced to act to remove the treat to its citizens, resulting in more loss of life of both innocent and radicalised targets, before a balance once again emerges, what will be won and what will be lost will be determined only by time and by the choices we each have in doing the right thing.

Enjoy life, it is a finite resource, don’t moan about Monday’s for they, like any other day are a gift, a one day only offer that will be gone tomorrow, learn that the simple things we do are often the things we would miss most if the choices were no longer ours, appreciate them and be thankful that you woke up this morning.

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