Thank You Just 2 Words

Thank You Just 2 Words I agree, but when we lead such busy lives, the fact that someone has taken time out of their day to say just that, carries a significance far beyond the two words said or written. 
Take one moment out of tomorrow and find time to say “Thank You,” ring them (not for any other purpose), email them, tweet them, the means is not important but the opportunity you have to make them shine is powerful.

For those of you questioning why I said the means by which you say thank you is not important, you are right, a hand written letter or card posted close after the event is by far the best, Margaret Thatcher would write thank you notes on the evening of an event before going to sleep, thus capturing the moment and the sincerity.  Times and technology have changed however, opening up far more opportunities for us to express thanks and be creative in the way that we do it.

Please after reading this post, take just 2 minutes to say just 2 words 2 mean so much more.

Thank You for reading.



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