Oaks Barn Farm Pushes Forward With Green Energy in Autumn

Oaks Barn Farm Pushes Forward With Green Energy in Autumn

When all the leaves are anything but green at this time of year, it might seem like a funny time of year to be telling you about how green our business is, but today the sun is shining at Oaks Barn Farm and despite being full In our guest accommodation our Electricity meter is standing still.

Unknown Installer http://www.checkatrade.com/SpaSolarPVEnergyElectricalContractorsLtd/Reviews.aspx

In October 2013 we went live with our solar panels delivering power to both the farm and Its Guest Accommodation so far we have generated 18055KW of power from the sun that shines down on the farm, as we use all of the power generated this also means that the saving to the environment has also been 18055KW of energy that we have not had to purchase from less sustainable sources.

a1f29dc22140a2ed1dbfa6088f023e02 Supplier http://www.organicenergy.co.uk

In December 2014 our Biomass Heat generation plant was installed, to date we have generated 41.552 MW of heating to both the Farm House and our Guest Accommodation using sustainable wood pellets, annually we anticipate this to be in the region of 58 MW, resulting in warmth and hot water for all guests year round, and a significant reduction in our fossil fuel demand.


Our Guests can therefore book with confidence, safe in the knowledge that their Farm Stay will not cost the earth.

Thank you for reading, for more information on booking our Farm Stay please visit us here: http://bit.ly/FarmStayOptions

Local Food Garden OrganicGreen Apple Award20140703-052532-19532422.jpg


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