When Autumn Leaves Start to Fall

When Autumn leaves start to fall on the farm, there is a growing sense of urgency about the onset of winter and what we need to get done to prepare for what may or may not lie ahead.

Winter wood is cut and meticulously stacked, Apple and pear trees are pruned and in the same way as we go about our preparations so to does the wildlife around the farm, the swallows and house martins left some weeks ago for hotter climbs leaving their carefully crafted homes with a sense of abandonment for pending weather to come.

Leaves blanket the ground as trees draw back their energy reserves ready for a spring awakening, Robins scavenge amongst the hedgerow as their red breast becomes more noticeable in the low sun.

Although winter lies ahead our thoughts wander to spring and and the preparations for new life on the farm Saturday saw Francis our tup being put to his ewes, having spent the past few months separated from his girls this was one happy moment for his penance of anticipation: Tup Put to Ewes on the Farm

Sunday came and went, somehow lost in activity as preparations are underway for the replacement greenhouse, the old woodshed gets recycled and farm equipment is moved to make way for the ground works.

Monday will see the chicken pen moved to priory piece, next to the pig pen, and a bonfire pile grows ready for the 5th.


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