Jack after Leaving University


Jack after Leaving University:

Since Leaving University, Jack lacked direction in life and struggled to fit in, but following some sound careers advice, he quickly found his motivation and started to look at a completely new career ahead of him.

Jacks Careers advisor said that hi might look into farming, as the motor trade no longer seemed to provide the challenges that Jack so desperately wanted in his life.

After almost 20 letters with no replies, jack got the letter he had long been Waiting for, Oaks Barn Farm Offered Jack a Work Trial, they agreed to Pay his Travel and would be happy to find him some temporary accommodation on the farm until he found his feet.

Oaks Barn Farm-Providing A Luxury Farm Stay Experience In the Heart of Shakespeare’s England



This was just the news and Opportunity Jack had been waiting for and Jack jumped at the chance.

The first Day at the farm Jack met the Farmer who showed him around the farm and introduced him to Sue and her Son Dan, The farmer then went on to show him around the livestock and took him to see some of the machinery which Jack would get to work with.

The Work was heavy and hard going at first, but Jack knew that this was what he had trained for and was more than happy to get stuck in.  At the end of his first day the Farmer Showed him to an area of the barn which he could call his home until he found something more permanent, The Barn was Warm and Huge, better than some of the stuffy Garages he had seen whilst at Uni.

Jack knew nothing about farming but the farmer said that didn’t matter as everything he needed to know could be learnt on the Job.

After the first week Jack was not phased by any of the lifting, in fact he seemed to really enjoy it an the farmer was so pleased with how his first week on the farm had gone, that he offered him a permanent position.  Jack was so proud and pleased with himself,  it gave him just the lift he was looking for.

Today Jack Still works on the farm and has had a number of raises since he first started, which just goes to show that a university education stands you in good stead, for finding a career which is uplifting and has a purpose.

For more information On other Opportunities at Oaks Barn Farm Luxury Accommodation You can Visit their Website here:http://oaksbarnfarm.co.uk

Jack pictured Here enjoying some down time on the farm

Oaks Barn Farm

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