Solar Pays Back

Solar Pays Back at our Farm Stay Set in the Heart of Shakespeare’s England, now approaching the end of summer we have had the chance to look back over the past year The Farm now averages 19.65KW production of electricity per day. Our average consumption is 25.9 units per day so we produce 75.86% and we are working on the rest.Oaks Barn Farm Spa Solar Instalation (5) Oaks Barn Farm Spa Solar Instalation (2)

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This year we have produced 7167KW this has significantly reduced our bills but the payback reaches further, Guests staying on the farm benefit from energy which does not cost the earth.

Both the Coach House and Granary are thermally efficient and the Farm has also invested in a Biomass Heating system which provides year round heating to both properties whilst at the same time running a drying room which takes care of the laundry demands of the business.

Take a Tour of our accommodation:

IMG_2436-0 IMG_1882                

Our guests can book with us knowing their holiday is helping us to invest in the future and lessening our dependance on fossil fuels.


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