Social Networking Poolside

Social Networking Poolside is the term given to the opportunities we have to network in the sun.

The way in which we do business continues to evolve, we have more technology at our disposal allowing us to think and do things differently.

Running our Luxury Farm Stay in the Heart of Shakespeare’s England is both rewarding and challenging, however we still need to take time out for us.  Our holidays are important, we learn how other accommodation providers look after their guests which in turn allows us to reflect and focus on ways we can enhance the experience for our own guests.

For more information on our Farm Stay visit us here:

Why Wifi is important, in much the same way as electricity and heating, free accessible Wifi is now an essential criteria when booking our holiday. That way we can deal with enquiries, check up on the farm through our CCTV, communicate with guests and still find time for a bit of marketing in between.

 Importantly traveling opens up so many opportunities for dialog, in just under a week we have met Chris  a bespoke Kitchen designer and self confessed SEO for his business http:\ his wife Laura who works in HR for Amazon, Dave a project manager specialising in Pub refurbishments he is on honeymoon with his wife of just a week – Kerry a Social Worker, we have also met Jo a teacher, Senco and head of Drama, her partner Pete an IT Manager for British Gas and Wayne who works for Rolls Royce as a submarine engineer and his wife Dawn who works at a large secondary school as head of business admin. So whilst it is so important to network through social media, we should never substitute it for the real thing, as travel and the opportunity, to learn from others brings so much more to the table.

On Sunday evening we are going to Cyril’s 78th Birthday party with his Wife Joyce and the hotel manager and his wife, all of this through Social Networking Poolside. 


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