How our Music defines us

Different to my normal posts on Farming gardening and practical projects, I write this post from a sun lounger in Turkey on my Eldest daughters Bithday, 16 years ago today the Birth of Kaier would change my life forever but not in the way I had planned.. For what lay before us both and my younger Daughter Saffi would sadly and not by choice see a future of separation loss and broken communication. Some ten years on I have a beautiful partner lovely home and a business which we both love and invest time in growing.  Sadly however music is one thing I would love to share and pass on to my children and I hope for their future, that they can find a place for music both in their hearts and soul for it has given me both understanding and fulfilment. 

Through my life’s journey to date the strongest influence in my life second to the fantastic people I have met along the way, has been my Music, heavily influenced by my childhood memories on a rocking horse, in the dining room listening to country and western records on a wooden cabinet record player with 3 speed settings.  Not sure if this was child care or conditioning but either way it did me good.  Though most things in my life, I have set out to be different to my parents, this was one thankful instance, that I listened with them rather than to them.  

Whilst writing this I am listening to Dolly Partons classic “Affraid to love again”, with the gripping line “if every time you look up a cloud should hide the sun” I have always had a positive outlook on life, and can’t imagine looking up and only seeing clouds, but I know for some this is sadly their outlook, thankfully I eventually found someone who I love completely and without whom my life would itself, be in a state of incompleteness, both Sue and I love country music and indeed any music which changes you whether through the sound or the story.

Whilst dwelling on the story, if you have never listened to Tom T Hall’s classic Old Dogs Children and Watermellon  Wine then now is your chance, first heard on the radio before you tube had been invented, I had searched without success to find or even hear this again but post YouTube has found me able to redescover this and Many more classics.

Old dogs children and watermelon wine
Tom T Hall is heralded one of the greatest story tellers of all time, in this example he sets his story to music, captivating your ear and making his way into your mind.  He tells of the simple things in life, the love of a dog and the love of a child while they are still too young to hate.

Don Williams, Meryle Haggard, Kenny Rogers, and Charly pride are amongst my favourites and you can see many more by subscribing to our play list by searching for Oaks Barn Farm On YouTube  or following the link above.

I have been fortunate to have done a great deal of travelling and walking in my life to date but one constant has always been my music. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, please comment below with your favourite songs and why they define you.

And finally to my daughters, if you want to get to know your dad a little better follow Oaks Barn Farm on YouTube and get an insight to who your dad actually is 

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