Working with the Season

When you have livestock and land, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the whole scale of jobs that lie before you, often just getting out of the front door is a mission in itself, trying to remember everything that needs to be taken to or picked up on route the the feed bins where most morning activities begin.

It is however important to realise that whilst you may have a plan, so do the livestock, their simple aim is to bring disorder and chaos at every turn, with sheep they can see that you day is going far too well, so watching carefully they wait till you near the furthest point away from them when they dispatch a member of the flock to get stuck fast between a fence post and the sheep wire.  During lambing time their aim is to give birth just as soon as you close the barn door behind you or better still 2 weeks premature on a wet morning in the far corner of the field at 4:30am where thier Lambs have little to no chance of surviving.
This said it’s important to do what you can, whether this be cutting wood ready for the winter when it’s dry enough to get on the field to retrieve it or seeing a window to do some foot trimming before the ewes make it apparent that you should have done this 2 weeks ago.


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