New Life, Hope and Opportunity

Snowdrops have been and gone and daffodils are in abundance around the farm, the orchard and hedgerows are full of promise for the year ahead.

Preparations for Lambing are now under test as pens get increased by the hour to accommodate twins and triplets and their respective mothers. The daily routine of mucking out bedding down, toppin up feed, checking water, clearing of afterbirth, preparing milk and attention to detail in every way helps to ensure that every new life has the chance to thrive.

This Weekend saw a our first set of twins arrive, The Coach house guest departure was closely followed by a party of six girls on their hen  weekend, for a shooting party on Saturday morning due to a heavy rain storm we cleared the back barn so the Air rifle shooting could be done in the dry, 2nd fix electrics were completed in the Newly converted Granary and bedrooms stripped ready for carpeting later in the week. a set of triplets arrived on Sunday morning, and the new Oak kitchen got its first clean through ready for templating of the Granite Work surface. 


Monday morning sees a further 2 arrivals and the first an lambs are numbered up and tails docked, the Granary gets a shower screen fitted, the sink plumbed in and and the oak banister and hand rail get fitted.  every day sees us one step closer to opening the Granary to our first guests for 2015.

It’s now Tuesday morning and time the morning rounds, but with every corner of the farm being full of life it’s hard not to get just swept along by what this new life has to offer.

For your chance to experience life on the farm visit us at


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