Another Random Day on The Farm

After a brilliant night out at No1 Shakespeare Street, we were all set for a relaxing start to our Sunday having had the builders in all week. This all changed with the gate intercom buzzing and a police car wanting access, we were met with one of your ponies, a black and white one has got out and is on the road, a good night though it was, luckily We were still able to recall that we didn’t own a pony, let alone a black and white one, but we were dressed now anyway so grabbing a piece of rope a carrot and bucket, we jumped into the truck to help catch a pony which we hadn’t got.

Arriving at the bottom of the drive we found that Elvis (next doors Shetland) had left the building, and was stood peacefully looking over our gate at our sheep and pigs with a lonely look of friendship in his eye. In the advent of a stick, we decided that the carrot approach was best in this instance. Having gained his trust, Sue quietly and impressively tied the rope making it into a halter, by this time the police constable had managed to wake our neighbour and headed back down to help us get Elvis back into his field. This had been his first call out of his shift and for him and us not quite the expected start to a Sunday.

After a coffee it was time for us to restart our day feeding the sheep and pigs before fitting some new sockets, lighting and extending the CCTV to the barn ready for Lambing. Then planning the sockets ready for the electrician coming on Monday to 1st fix the Grain Store conversion.

Finishing the day with some of our farm reared pork leeks and cabbage from the garden and what was left of the carrots for dinner. Not completely the day we had planned, but typically one which ended with us having achieved more than we had expected and safe in the Knowledge that “Elvis is Alive, Well and can be found Living in a Field near Inkberrow”, I wonder if this will make the Papers tomorrow?

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