Expansion for Rural Business with Green Credentials


Oaks Barn Farm  situated in the heart of Shakespeare’s England, provides a luxury farm stay experience allowing guests to get up close to our livestock comprising pigs sheep and chickens whilst at the same time, learning a little more of where their food comes from.

Grain Store Plan

Now in its 7th year the farm has been successful in gaining permission to expand the Grain Store to accommodate up to 6 persons with Ground floor DDA Compliance, the farm benefits from all of its land being on one level and flat, over the past 7 years we recognise that we have an opportunity to widen access to our Rural Farm Stay Experience for more to enjoy.

The expansion will also include the installation of a biomass heating system to provide Green Heat to the farm, this will also include a drying room for guest laundry.  The switch to green energy solutions is one of a number of measures the farm has implemented, recognising that whilst reducing our own carbon footprint, our returning guests can chose with confidence, a farm stay for the family which doesn’t cost the earth.  The Farm also installed solar panels which now generate a third of the electricity used on the farm this is set to increase even more following the transfer over to the biomass system for its total heating requirements.

This award winning Farm Stay holds the Green Apple Award for Farm Diversification Through Tourism and the International Corporate Social Responsibility Award of Excellence for Health.

20140703-052532-19532422.jpgGreen Apple Award


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