Buy Lamb & Pork Direct from the Farm

When customers keep coming back we know we are getting something right. Following a successful lambing and the investment in our Victorian Pig enclosure we are now able to offer fresh Lamb and Pork Boxed and ready for the freezer.

Our Lamb is pasture fed, born on the farm and lives its life out naturally free grazing in the rich Warwickshire Pastureland of Oaks Barn Farm. Our lamb is hung allowing the meat to intensify in flavour and is butchered into Half or full boxes.


Whole Lamb – Box £120
10-12 cutlets
12 loin chops
8 lamb steaks
2 fillets
2 whole legs
4 half-shoulder joints
2 breasts
3 pieces of neck chops
2 kidneys

Half Lamb – Box £65
5-6 cutlets
6 loin chops
4 lamb steaks
1 fillet
1 whole leg
2 half-shoulder joints
1 breast
2 pieces of neck chops

Streaky and Cumberland.jpg
Our Pigs have the best of both a Traditional style Victorian Pig Pen and access to open Grazing for shade and fun.

Half Pig – Box Price is weight dependant from £165
Spare-rib joints
two shoulder joints
Leg joints
Leg of pork, cut into two large joints
Pork chops
twelve chunky-cut loin chops
Belly pork
two joints of belly pork
Hand made Cumberland mix pork sausages (8 packs of 6)

Follow the link below to purchase:


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