Oaks Barn Farm Luxury Farm Stay Harvests the Sun

Oaks Barn Farm Spa Solar Instalation (2)

In November 2012 we completed on a Solar install by Spa Solar of Droitwitch, the environmental impact we knew would be minimal but its effects on the environment would be significant. Just 22 months on we have generated 10,523 Kw of power this has impacted significantly in reducing our carbon footprint, whilst at the same time educating us and our guests on the way in which we use electricity on the farm, as I write this blog, the office lights are on my Ipad is playing sweet country music via Youtube, my mobile is on charge, I have 2 loads of washing running, the office lights are on our guests are in and we have a full tank of hot water and our electricity meter is stood still.

The technology is not yet good enough nor competitively priced for us to store the surplus electricity generated on the farm, so this is currently returned back to the Grid until such time as the storage comes down in price.

For information on Spa Solar Installs Visit their page here.



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