Make the most of the time you have

Today I read a great article entitled 88 quotes from successful people published on Linked In. We to often get caught up in the wave of going about our every day lives without taking time to reflect on our own achievements, here on the farm there are many distractions to draw you in every direction other than your intended route, some mornings just getting out of the door can seem overwhelming with choices, pigs needing to be fed, sheep needing Hay enquiries calling for your attention but then you stop and pinch yourself because the sun is shining the day is young and time is your only ever present enemy.

As the seasonal shift of autumn is defined by the orchard casting a carpet of leaves, the last remaining glimmers of summer fade as the days become shorter, our attention on the farm is drawn to ensuring that our winter wood supply is sufficient to see us through the cold months that will follow, failing to plan for this is not an option so spending a few days with a chainsaw helps to set aside a resource for the months ahead.

Dew forms on the grass over night but now presents itself in the morning and lasts all day long rather than the couple of hours in summer time, there are still pears on the trees, Bradley apples ripe for the picking and blackberry so holding on the the hedgerows. In the polly tunnel the remaining peppers, cucumbers and squash are still in abundance and the remaining tomatoes hold on to their host as it withers and fades exhausted by its efforts of the summer.


In the pig pen life brings variety, gone over courgettes windfall apples and grapes all of which are eaten with enthusiasm but in the background customers are being lined up for half pig purchases and the choice of joints and sausage options are discussed.

In the field summer has been kind, grass has been rich and plentiful and this years lambs are looking well on it, weights are looking good and returning customers are approached for their orders for british lamb.

In the back field named the shepherds view, our tup eagerly awaits getting into his ladies, separated off he spends his days walking back and forth frustrated with his captivity, he has plenty of rich grass gets daily feeds and has a mineral supplement all to get him in his prime for the 5th of November where he will serve all of his Ewes for lambs come the 1st of April.

In our guest accommodation the summer has seen a busy flow of families sharing our longest days enjoying the sun dressing the landscape of the farm and taking in the richness of all that Shakespeare’s England has to offer.

Jimmy our Jack Russell escaped again today and was seen in Cladswell, still entire he is on a mission to find a local respectable girl he can settle down with and have a long lasting relationship, or alternatively he will settle just for sex. Not wanting to loose him as he has turned into a great little sheep dog he is booked in for castration on Friday.

Wanting to close this article on a good note rather than dwelling on the sexual tensions of our farm animals, I will leave you with this quote number
10 of 88) “Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, you can achieve.” —Mary Kay Ash

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