Leftover Lamb Pie

Knowing what goes into rearing our own Lamb at Oaks Barn Farm, not using up every last bit of the Sunday Roast is bad for the pocket, bad for the environment and directly reflects your own values.

Top tips:

1 always make Gravy with the meat juices, simply add plain flour to what’s left in the bottom of the pan stir over heat allowing the flour to cook off without burning, gradually add hot water whilst stirring, add black pepper to taste.

2 leave meat on the bone, only carve what you are going to serve on Sunday, meat will dry out if cut before use.

Making leftover pie:

Chop and cook off an onion, add mushrooms if available

While onions are cooking strip meat from the bone cut into small strips removing excess fat, generally the dog will love this bit, give the dog a bone.

Optional Add gooseberry and Mint jelly to the meat and stir allowing the meat to take on the flavour of the jelly.

Make a short crust pastry, 2oz Butter, 4oz flour 1/2 tsp salt blend till fine add just a drop of warm water to bind, do not over kneed place in a bag and set aside in the refrigerator.

Or add Mustard to Gravy, either of these options bring out the flavour of the meat.

Add fresh tomatoes to the onions and mushrooms if available and continue to cook off equally leftover beans etc can be added.

Add gravy adding additional hot water if required bringing all to a gentle simmer.
Pre heat oven adding pie dish and plates to bottom of oven for warming.

Add gravy mix to meat and stir and continue to heat till gentle simmer.

Transfer to pre warmed pie dish.

Flour work surface and rolling pin, Roll out pastry to just a little wider than your pie dish, place over meat and rather than trimming fold edges under taking care not to allow meat juices to escape.

Glaze with an egg if your chicken obliges.

Gently prick the surface of the pastry to allow excess moisture to escape during cooking grind black pepper to enhance top of pie.


Reheat leftover mash, roast potatoes in the lower part of the oven with the pie on top, should take 20 mins on fan assisted oven at 190

Prepare and cook runner beans or alternative whatever veg is in season.

Once hot serve and eat the pie, then go and check on sheep in the field thank them for what they bring to the table.


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