Skills Required Behind Running a Luxury Farm Stay

In 2006 Sue and I realised the potential for allowing others to experience what we had grown to love in our Rural Farm Setting.  Back then we both worked full time and set about the conversion of a former Coach House to provide a place of tranquillity amidst a Rural Backdrop in the Heart of Shakespeare’s England. 


Although ok at DIY little did we know that these skills would have to significantly be honed, if we wanted to pull off the quality of accommodation we both strived for.

As time has gone on, being a small business demands a vast array of skills to be deployed, for we have both a Working Farm and Luxury Guest accommodation both of which demand our time.

On the Farm the skills required include Tractor Driving, JCB Digger Driving, Chainsaw Operator a watchful eye over or sheep and pigs, birthing skills during Lambing and delivering Pigs, A trailer driver for transporting animals to and from market. in addition you need to be a carpenter, plumber electrician, brick layer welder sheet metal worker and have the ability to repair anything broken.

On the land you need to exercise weed control, pest control, hang gates repair fences Maintain hedges, plant trees Grow Fruit and Veg, Remove fallen trees from driveway, clear snow from driveway (its a lot of snow to move), unfreeze  water supply for livestock and did I mention repair fences.

Then further skills will require you to attain the knowledge of a Vet by learning on the job and using all of your networking skills to identify what is wrong with your sheep, or Pig before it dies.


In the Luxury Accommodation side of the farms operation many of the skills we have mastered include Canoeing, Air Rifle Coaching, Archery, hosting a Stag weekend, dealing with all customer service elements of the business, making beds, processing laundry, cleaning of kitchen,  BBQ bedrooms, toilets this list is endless. but specifically the fun side of the business which is Web design, being a Social Media Expert on Facebook LinkedIn, Twitter WordPress, Tumbler, Pinterest and being, A book keeper, booking agent and general problem solver.  All help to equip you with just a few of the skills required to hold your head just below surface level.

For all of the above reasons we have learnt a lot, but wouldn’t have it any other way, it does however make you smile when our guests say We’d love to have a farm…..

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