Pinterest The Smart way to Share Content

Can you remember how Pinterest Started? By invitation only, at the time I did not realise the true value and simple way of uploading and organising content.

For us at we use Pinterest in our Gallery, we have a number of boards which showcase the Farm Stay, Animals, Places to eat, the list goes on…..

We no longer have to spend hours uploading individual photos as the boards automatically update each time a photo is added.

Copying the Pinterest URL from your browser for each board allows you to freely share content onto your Facebook Page.
Oaks Barn Farm FaceBook

In the same way boards can be shared through twitter allowing all of your followers to quickly view you individual boards, this works best by hash tagging the boards Location ie #Inkberrow anyone searching or following Inkberrow will then be alerted to your board.

Videos can be showcased, but I’m still learning how to do this, so would welcome any comments on how to do this.

Our boards simply work for our business, we can feature places to see, showcase our customers photos, show the farm through the seasons, the possibilities are endless.

Take a look Please follow our boards that interest you.

Get an account and give it a try its free and will simplify the way you share your products on line, we love it, you will to.


2 thoughts on “Pinterest The Smart way to Share Content

  1. I’ve had two YouTube accounts for quite sometime but I don’t really use them and I’m near deleting them both. I can’t delete the other one, though, because I don’t know how to log in anymore since YouTube forced people to have Gmail accounts (I used a Yahoo email for that other one). Now Twitter, I have that but I normally don’t open my account there either. I dunno, i can’t seem to like it. It’s too messy for me. But the verdict is still not out. I probably just need time to acquaint myself with it more. Pinterest? That I don’t have and currently have no need for it….


    1. I have had the same experience with google+ we have 2 accounts one with lots of friends and circles, the other has been linked to the business and ideally would like to merge the 2 but so far have had no success in doing so.

      Stick with Pinterest though, it does take some time to see all of the advantages but it is worth it in the end.


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