Seeing Stratford Upon Avon With a different Eye


Over half way into our British summer, what better than spending one of those long Mid Summer Nights, than paddling through your very own experience of Shakespeare’s England on the river Avon.

setting out with friends we put in upstream about a mile away from the centre of Stratford upon Avon, the river here meanders left and right unveiling hidden habitats along the way for moorhens king fishers, herons and of course swans with signets.

The closed banks and deep foliage block out unwelcome traffic noise and the tranquility of the paddle skimming the water on entry and exit allows a rhythm of peace to prevail.

Turning the final corner reveals the Bridge to the centre of Stratford upon Avon, where the busyness unfolds as you pass through the artery of the town, here the professional rowers practice their speed and synchrony or not, amidst a fumbling of hire boats where seemingly the first time rowers practice their sculling skills and the art of turning about whilst trying to perfect the art of going in a straight line without hitting anything.

Onwards past the RSC reveals Theatre goers in jackets and dresses looking on prior to the evening performance, beyond the bandstand provides the perfect picnic opportunity where you can sit and observe the evening runners whilst feeling a little guilty for eating whilst others optimise their fitness, out of guilt refusing the cake and chocolate offerings, we made our way back through the setting sun to the start of our journey safe in the knowledge that we had filled our day to the top, with a memory of a British Summer.


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