A Rather Strange Bank Holiday Weekend

Full with bookings with 2 sets of guests arriving.

Managed to plant 7 rows of leeks, two rows of Sprouts and ridged two rows of potatoes and then to. Relax with a glass of wine, 10pm Dan Arrives back at the farm with a Deer shot By a Friend, he had stripped it down to the Carcass and presented us with this opportunity, hung in the barn till the following morning.

After a sleepless night imagining the worst of what we might find the following morning, thankfully it had been a cold night and the carcass seemed less of a challenge, Dan and I set about removing the front legs before dividing the ribs using limited knowledge and a little improvisation. Following the natural lunes and using a very sharp knife the process was surprisingly easy, Sue cleaned prepped and weighed all of the joints and then to the mincer for Venison burgers, a mix of garlic Worcester Sauce tomato sauce, black pepper, salt and bread crumbs plus an Oaks Barn Farm free range egg to bind.

Meat to the freezer, a 39lb harvest unplanned harvest was a bonus.

Then to the job of the day worming foot treatment dagging ewes and fly striking lambs. A different but rewarding Bank Holiday, what was that last word?



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