Lambs Find A New Place To Play


Victorian Style Pig Pen

Works have now been completed on Oaks Barn Farm’s Pig pen but the first uninvited guests Gate Crashed the opening event checking out the new facilities.

In keeping with the traditional build the project has recycled hard core in the base, reclaimed bricks and Tiles and a soak away made from the block work removed when opening up the Farmhouse Kitchen.

Two Salt Glazed feed troughs have been installed last used in Fisherwick Whittington in 1950 as pig feeders.

Recycled blue bricks provide the finishing touch to the pen

Water from the roof has been diverted to a water trough, and surface water drainage installed to minimise the impact on the water table.

Oaks Barn Farm would like to thank all those involved in the project for their work and dedication in seeing this project through to a stunning completion.


Our quest now begins to source 2 weaners to test out the new facilities, ideally Saddlebacks or British Lop


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