Delivering Beyond Expectations

As a small business competing in a global market place can seem daunting, but recognising what sets you apart from the rest and actively promoting your differences can reap rewards.

Our Farm Stay Experience has green values at its heart, we grow most of the food we consume, Farm reared pork from our Saddleback pigs, Lamb and Mutton from our flock of sheep right down to fruit vegetables and herbs grown on the farm all add to the experience.

We generate a third of our energy consumption through our solar installation and although there is no physical difference to our end users, our customers are increasingly selecting their holiday destinations on the efforts made towards a sustainable future.

Air Rifle Shooting – A birthday surprise.


All this said our single strategy for generating repeat business for our Farm Stay guests rests with the children, we know that happy children equals happy parents so set out to cater for them at every level, whether this is helping out at feeding time, bottle feeding a lamb, air rifle shooting or leaving a toy farm in the Coach House for the returning guests, all of this and more has helped us to deliver a value beyond expectations.

For more information on our Farm Stay Experience visit our website

Tell your Customer what you do differently then show them, the rest is sure to follow.


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