Not just a typical day on the farm

Greeted in the barn with a single lamb, pen up and check for second, see that 2nd ewe of the day is starting so pen her up turn out pregnant Ewes for grazing and feed. Feed ewes and muck out and prep pens, spot ewe delivered 2 lambs in the field pen up and check for third yes she has deliver and check for fourth, three is enough! check for milk good on both teets.

BuildBase delivery of bricks arrives for the pig enclosure.

Back to barn muck out main pen and watch for signs of ewe going into labour, she starts to push presenting first feet then head, assist with delivery clear airway and check for breathing, check for second yes and it’s backwards, turn in the womb and deliver forwards clear airway and present to front of ewe, vale feed delivery arrives at some point now, I now have an audience, check for third also backwards, deliver this one backwards, check for breathing present to ewe, second triplets of the day born, sort hay and water.

Two triplets struggling to stand

Make up colostrum to give the triplets a bit of an extra start

The last of each triplets need extra support to feed so spend some time crouched under the ewe

Next job adoption- When a Ewe has triplets she only has enough milk for 2 so you get a better lamb if you can draft this onto a single mom, but they will kill it if put in the same pen so we use an adopter which holds the ewe whilst offering some protection for the lamb.

Prepare shepherdess for triplets for supplementary self feed.

Feed and water

Make up outdoor pen and bed down. Feed ewes and lambs in pen to overnight.

Bring in pregnant ewes from grazing and feed.

Pub time.

Return from pub.

Night feeds


4:40 am get up and check on ewes one lamb and a second on the way, that’s 10 so far.

Bed ready for morning feed and start over





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